artist statement

I am a multi-disciplinary choreographer who works primarily in dance and performance, and also with installation, sculpture, and sound. I create lavish and lush environments that aim to stimulate kinesthetically, aurally, and visually. I orchestrate bodies  in space and create dense sound scores, odd sculptures, massive sets, and vivid costumes for my performance/installations. My recent full-length works explored repetition, exhaustion, outmoded analog media, endurance, exaggerated breathe, distorted sound, and audience intimacy. The choreography of my work discards dance virtuosity to expose the labor of dance. I am less interested in shapes and showing off highly trained bodies and more compelled by the hard work of dance—sweat, struggle, pushing beyond comfort levels or beyond what a particular body is trained for. Idiosyncrasies of bodies, qualitative shifts, and cohesive ensemble compel me. I work with multiple overlapping and entwined narratives with the intention that when combined with the media rich environment that I create, different audience members will take home different meanings from my work. There is not a *singular* meaning or intention to my choreography but an onslaught and bombardment of connections from various artistic registers. My work is rooted in a number of queer aesthetics—exaggerated femininity, gender non-conformity, feminist politics, vivid color palette, playfulness, intensity, and intelligence. My creative process incorporates a feminist process based philosophy. While I am clearly in-charge of and the director of my work, the collaborators and performers who work with me are consulted and asked for feedback, and their input is as important to the process as mine.

Photo by Jan Wandrag